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Getting Ready for the Season

Complete Volunteer Requirements!
Coaches must complete the background check, LiveScan fingerprint clearance, and basic training courses to receive their roster. We are unable to release player data without the requirements met. The releavant Coach Course (online components) must be completed prior to the first practice.View Volunteer Requirements. to get the information you need to complete the tasks. 

Stay Informed!

Check emails frequently for emails from the region. The majority of information and follow up will be communicated via email. To ensure the emails do not get filtered, set the correct options in your email to permit emails from our system. If you have registered with an email you do not often use, please ensure you are checking it every day as we prepare for the season and throughout the season. 

Give Us Some Information!

Do you have another adult volunteer you are teaming up with? Submit the  Volunteer Partnership Request prior to rostering. 

Practice Schedule Request

Practice Schedule Requests will be gathered soon!

Fall Coach Meeting and Make-Up Coach Meeting

Coaches and assistant coaches are encouraged to attend the coach meeting. This meeting will have vital information for the season, opportunity to pick up your roster (if eligible), some equipment and your new coach jersey, and a great chance to network with new and experienced coaches. 

Dates and times to be determined

Coaching Mentorship Opportunities!

We are looking for experienced coaches to mentor our newer coaches! If you wish to participate as a new coach seeking a mentor or as an experienced coach willing to help get our new coaches started and learning with support.

Make the Team

A soccer team needs a team of volunteers to support them through the season. In addition to a coach, each team needs the following Volunteers to be successful. Recruit them from your players’ families:  Assistant Coach, and a Team Manager. Field crews are also beneficial as your team is responsible to set-up your field if you are the first game of the day and close the field if you are the last team of the day. A few dedicated parents can make this process go smoother and allow you time to get the team ready for the game and to have some time to provide them positive feedback after the game. 

There MUST be a registered and trained volunteer of the same gender as the players on the team. If you coach a co-ed team, both genders must be represented by the volunteer composition. 

Once your support team is established, complete the Team Details Confirmation Form. This information is required to know what volunteers are interacting with the players and their families. 

Learning with AYSO

Learn to Coach with AYSO – Just the Basics
Coaches are provided division specific training designed to give YOU the information you need to coach that division, even if you aren't familiar with the game. 

More Learning and Support!
The learning and growth doesn't stop there, many additional courses are available online to help expand your knowledge! Check them out on AYSOU!

Want a little more assistance or support as you grow as a coach? Our Coach Mentor program is looking for experienced coaches wiling to share their knowledge AND new coaches that want to learn from a more "seasoned" coach AND experienced coaches that are interested in taking their coaching into a more competiive level of play.


Planning a Practice Session . . .

Stage 1: Technical Warm-up

·        Maximize contact with the ball and repetition.

·        Introduce a technical topic

·        physical preparation (including dynamic stretching, multi-directional running) and psychosocial elements.

·        Unopposed to light opposition.

Stage 2: Small-Sided Activity

·        More grid-based, individual and pairs, competition and teamwork (i.e. 2v2, 3v3)

·        Can emphasize one aspect of the activity (such as defense) by using unequal opposition (i.e. 3v2)

Stage 3: Expanded Small-Sided Activity

·        Directional with 1 large goal to other goal(s) or targets, opposition (principles of attack & Defense), 3v3 to 7v7.

Stage 4: Small-Sided Match

·        The new topic is integrated with what the players already have learned about the game.

·        Unconditional, general laws of the game (by age group), emphasizing the topic, formations, etc.

·        Let the game flow and players play. Coaching tips directed at groups rather than individuals where possible.

Cool Down

·        Gradual recovery, including static stretches.

·        Brief review of session and topic. Add any announcements.

See 6U and 8U Drills & Games for a starter-set of activities

Picture Day

Picture Day Information

SAVE THE DATE! Picture day is September 29th along with SoccerFest!

Game Day

Field Set-Up and Closure Instructions
The Region equipment is the kids' equipment. Part of taking good care of our equipment and facility depends on the field set-up and closure process used. Instructions for field-setup and closure will be published closer to Kick Off. There are also instructions available at the field!

Game Management

As a coach, beyond practices, your biggest task is game management. Here are a few of the highlights to keep in mind.

  • Manage substitutions
    • Although AYSO dictates every player gets ½ game time, Region 878 requires the ¾ rule, whenever possible: “No player may play the whole game unless all other players have played at least 3 quarters.”
    •  The players who play the whole game should rotate throughout the roster throughout the season. Give everyone that opportunity!
    • Use this excel spreadsheet to pre-print your LINEUP CARDS with all your players in number order. This is formatted to print on an 8.5" x 11" sheet of cardstock and prints 4 cards per page.
  • Organize Positions:
    • U6-U8 players don't play positions but you might succeed at encouraging them to play in in-front or behind others
    • U10 players START to learn positions and should try EVERY position, including goal keeper
    • U12+ players START to specialize in positions although it remains helpful for players to experience every position so they understand how positions lead to strategy and tactics
    • U14+ players tend to specialize in positions although it is easy for them to miss opportunities where their particular skills might be more or less helpful in other spaces on the pitch

  • Watch for what to work on during next week’s practice

  • Control your sideline – YOU set the example first, KEEP CALM!

  • Decision-making in a match is a learned skill; micro-managing players’ decisions from the sideline takes away players’ opportunities to learn from their successes and mistakes!

  • REMEMBER – Come game time, it is too late to teach ANYTHING new. Focus on observing what to teach NEXT.

  • “Quarter” substitution breaks are NOT a coaching opportunity! Get your subs assigned and let them resume play ASAP!
Running on Schedule

Due to field constraints, time is short on Game Days. To help keep games running smooth and on schedule:

  • Warm your team up on the space between fields.  There will be little time to use field space for warmups!

  • Kick-off on time.
  • 6U runs 4 quarters of 5 minutes each with 2 minute breaks in between 1st & 2nd quarter and between 3rd & 4th quarter, with a 5 minute break at half-time (between 2nd & 3rd quarter)

  • 8U runs 4 quarters of 10 minutes each with 2 minute breaks in between 1st & 2nd quarter and between 3rd & 4th quarter, with a 5 minute break at half-time (between 2nd & 3rd quarter)

  •  After the game, cheer for the other team and applaud, then move off the field so the next game can start.
Game Reschedules

If your team cannot participate in a scheduled game,a process will be provided to request a reschedule. We must try to limit the reschedule requests to have enough field space for teams to complete their season. If possible, please work with an assistant coach to cover games you are unable to support. 

Escalated Situations

Behavior Issues
Behavioral issues, by players or parents, can have lasting effects on the individual (bullying) and are toxic for the team cohesion

Action can only be taken to improve the situation and/or hold people accountable for their behavior if we are informed Leverage the Player and Parent Code of Conduct to implement the process designed to make our fields a happy space for our kiddos and families. To report any concerns or compliments about any volunteer’s, spectator’s, family member’s, or player’s behavior regarding the Kids Zone Guidelines, you may use the Kids Zone Report google form as well.

Conflict Resolution
There may be some scenarios that would benefit from conflict management.  The below reminders may help to avoid further escalations

ALWAYS remember AYSO’s 6 core philosophies while managing conflict with other volunteers, families, or players!

1. Take a step back, breathe, and let your first priority be de-escalate the conflict!

2. Separate the parties and move the conflict away from players and other spectators. Have another volunteer mediate if you are one of the participants and take the next steps. 

3. Remind participants which of the 6 core philosophies they may be violating. If you are a participant in the conflict, have YOU violated any of the philosophies? Admit it if you have.

4. Remind participants they acknowledged and signed the Player and Parent Code of Conduct while registering. If necessary, have a copy in your folder and ask them to sign acknowledgement of the “offense”. Retain this copy.

5. Document EVERYTHING in as much detail as possible and send it to  [email protected]. An Incident Report Form may help organize your thoughts. Every incident is evaluated if action by the Board is needed.

Player Injusry
If a player experiences an injury, illness, concussion, or there is an incident

If a player is injured (even while not at an AYSO activity) or ill to a degree that they require medical attention, Parents must sign a Participation Release Form prior to participating in any event. Once received, please provide this form to [email protected]

If the injury is a Concussion, the Participation Release Form MUST also be signed by a medical professional!
If the injury occurred at any AYSO activity, an Incident Report Form must be submitted to [email protected]!

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