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Welcome to the AYSO Referee Program

I am the Regional Referee Administrator, and I invite you to become involved in our region. AYSO is an all-volunteer organization. We don’t even have a paid file clerk or secretary! We rely on the parents, relatives, and friends of our players to make the organization work. One way to support your child is to become a certified referee.


Referees have the best view of the game. Not only can you see the players in action, you get to become involved in their development on and off the field, which is truly a unique experience. Consider, as well, encouraging your child to volunteer as a player-referee. Player referees have the opportunity to learn the Laws of the Game in detail, to receive mentoring while applying those Laws on the field, and to become part of the action in a game without being invested in the game’s results; this is a unique and valuable learning opportunity for players! Every player-referee I've known has become a better player as a direct result of being a referee!

AYSO referees are all volunteers. We expect them to be treated in a courteous manner by coaches, players and spectators.

We offer training, uniforms, and referee equipment for all certified referees, at no charge. The best time to become a referee is when your child is in their first year, that way you can learn and grow with them. Being a referee is not limited to soccer savvy individuals; our training courses are designed to teach someone who has never even SEEN a soccer ball to certified referee in less than a day. We invite all relatives and friends, even those with little to no soccer experience – even siblings or youth looking for volunteer hours – to help us provide a safe, fair and fun environment for our players; please consider volunteering to be a referee.

Unfortunately, by AYSO, FIFA and IFAB rules, a game may NOT be played without certified referees - games must be canceled if we have insufficient referees to cover them!

For those of you already a referee, welcome back! And thank you for your continued support!

The links below will help you on your path.

Thank you!

Oscar Bentley

Regional Referee Administrator

Have more questions or want to get started? Send me an email at [email protected]


IFAB Laws of the Game
Football is the greatest sport on earth. It is played on every continent, in every country and at many different levels. The Laws of the Game are the same for all football throughout the world, from the FIFA World Cup™ through to a game between young children in aremote village. Football must have Laws which keep the game fair – this is a crucial foundation of the ‘beautiful game’ and a vital featureof the ‘spirit’ of thegame. The best matches are those where the referee is rarely needed because the players play with respect for eachother, the match officials and the Laws. EVERYONE should be familiar with the Laws of the Game; referees must know it well toenforces the laws on the pitch. Keep this resource handy, or better yet download the app!
Training at AYSOu.orgAYSO Referee Training is designed to provide a basic understanding of refereeing AYSO games. No prior soccer refereeing knowledgeor experience is needed. Training provides the bulk of the “must know” of refereeing, but refereeing is as much a physical SKILL as it isknowledge. Take the course, practice what you learn, then return to take one or more of the training elements as often as you wish torefresh and expand your knowledge. Reviewing like this will ensure you haven’t overlooked any of the key concepts.
Referee Training MatrixAn explanationof all levels of referee training. Regional Referee provides the basic but there is always more to learn...
US Referee ConnectionUS Referee Connection was created by a Referee for all fellow Referees, so that we may share our experiences, insights, stories, ask questions and get answers. It's always nice to find people who share the same passion. While at the field, people talk about thetwo teams playing the game but seem to be unaware of the third team – the Referees, who are in charge of the match. We can tell awhole different story, because we see the game from a different perspective.

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