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Fall Season Referee Point Program

Fall Season Referee Program

See the FULL Fall 2021 Referee Schedule HERE

Teams in the 10u, 12u, and 14u divisions MUST earn a minimum of 30 volunteer points, 20 of which MUST be referee points, in order to advance to play Hesperia AYSO's regional tournament, the winners of which advance to area tournaments. POINTS MUST BE COMPLETE BEFORE THE REGIONAL TOURNAMENT.

If you do not have certified referees on your team to earn points, ENCOURAGE YOUR PLAYERS, PARENTS, AND OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS TO BECOME REFEREES. For classes or more information about our Referee Program, please visit Welcome to the AYSO Referee Program  on our website or contact [email protected]

If all else fails, you may ask certified referees outside your team to help you by assigning their matches to your team. Many referees officiate more games every week than can be assigned to any one team (there is a four-point-per-team-per-week limit), so take advantage of their excess points.

Note: This is not done automatically; a referee’s unassigned points are discarded! You are responsible for arranging this with a certified referee in advance. Points must be assigned to a team no later than at the conclusion of a match in writing on the official referee game card. A REFEREE’S POINTS MAY NOT BE ASSIGNED RETROACTIVELY (I.E. AFTER THE GAME CARD IS SUBMITTED).

Regional Tournament and Area Tournament

There will be an end-of-season Regional Tournament to determine who will represent Hesperia Region 878 in the Area 10D Tournament. All teams with the required volunteer points will play and have a chance to place (i.e. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th).

If there is only one team in a division, there will not be a regional end-of-season tournament; that team will automatically represent the region in area play (barring any unforeseen events) but the team MUST still fulfill the minimum volunteer requirement to represent Hesperia 878 at area play. If the team does NOT have the required points, Hesperia AYSO will not send a team in that division.

Earning Volunteer Points

Teams must earn a minimum of 30 volunteer points, of which 20 points MUST be earned by refereeing, in order to qualify for playoffs. Please note: the first and last teams are responsible for setting up and tearing down goals, corner flags, etc. for every game day; this activity is NOT a volunteer activity and does NOT qualify for points.

10 volunteer points may be earned through the following activities:

  VIP Buddy for 5 VIP Games1 point per 5 Games                                                                                      
  Regional Park-Wide setup (the game pitch goals/flags does not count)1 point per game day, 2 people maximum
  Regional Park-Wide tear-down (the game pitch goals/flags does not count)1 point per game day, 2 people maximum
  Field Monitor (1.25 hour increments)1 point per 1.25 hour session
  Paint and Mark the pitches (1.25 hour increments) *
    * Initial layout and paint takes about 3.5 hours
1 point per 1.25 hour increment
     * Repainting/Refreshing every Friday takes about 1.25 hours

Referee Points

Referees are responsible for making sure they have given their points to the correct team. They may assign points ONLY by writing the team number next to their name on the Official Referee Game Card after the game is completed. Each Team’s point totals will be posted on before the next game day. 20 or more volunteer points must be earned through the following activities:

 Referee (AKA "Center Ref") 2 points
 Assistant Ref (AKA "AR")        1 point
 Club Linesman (only if certified referees are unavailable)             1 point
 Certification Class, Refresher Class, or Badge Upgrade Class
     * MUST officiate a game after the class to qualify
 1 point
 Standby 0 points until you are utilized, then the above point system applies. 

Be certain to put the team number next to your name on the game card!

There is a maximum of 4 points per referee per team per week (Sat-Fri). Thus, an official refereeing ('Centering') three games in one week may apply 4 to one team and MUST apply the other 2 to another team or lose them, for example. Referee Points beyond 20 continue to accrue as volunteer point (no maximum referee points).

For classes or more information about our Referee Program, please visit Welcome to the AYSO Referee Program on our website or contact [email protected].

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